Early in our research, we learned there are three key factors that impact comfort: stitching, fit, and fabrics. So in creating our underwear, we put a meticulous – some might say, obsessive – amount of attention into each of those areas. We considered every aspect:

One Perfect Microfabric

Our underwear is made with 92% modal fabric, an eco-friendly microfiber that enfolds the body in a light embrace. Modal is smooth, soft, and breathable, and its luscious texture feels similar to silk. It’s cool to the touch, super absorbent, and resistant to shrinkage and fading. In short, it’s the perfect microfiber fabric for body-hugging underwear.

Modal allows our apparel to be as smooth and soft as possible, while allowing it to be just snug enough to be perfectly form-fitting. So comfy, it’s everything you would want in any garment. We wanted to make sure that you can actually feel that silky texture tucked against your body, so we tacked on just enough elastane material to help give that snug flow with every contour of your body. The grooves that tend to develop as we meander through the day can be a gratuitous issue tacked on to our busy days, and we feel this proprietary fabric in our apparel can help thread those gaps that might overlap them. It’s not creepy. We have to think about these things so you don’t ever have to. You’re welcome.

Lab Tested & Human Approved

After exploring more than a hundred fabric blends, we narrowed our selection down to two dozen beta models for qualitative user testing. We invited people from all walks of life to A/B test our most promising prototypes. We also followed guidance from the Kawabata institute in Japan.

Most Comfortable Underwear

Like any piece of clothing, a pair of underwear is only as good as its fit. Comfortable Club undies are made to fit your body perfectly, with no pressure points. Our undies actually adapt to your form, giving you the support you need – without restricting movement or causing discomfort.

Dream Stitching

The devil, as they say, is in the details, and when it comes to underwear, stitching is one that tends to get overlooked. Not so at Comfortable Club. We use a more robust, sturdier stitching in our products that make them last, while maintaining their comfort.

We shied away from traditional threads and opted for fluffy threads reserved only for the most luxurious winter apparel for a completely itch-free experience. Look closely at any pair of Comfortable Club undergarments, you can see the uniquely intricate, tight knit stitch.

Dream stitching

 Most undergarments fade and lose their smoothness and elasticity over time, and inevitably become more and more uncomfortable. Our increased thread count, stronger knit, and the overall refreshing comfort of the modal fabric we use ensures that your underwear will last, and won’t become itchy or uncomfortable over time. Just by looking closely at our undergarments, you can see the uniquely intricate, tight knit stitch.  

Obsessively Engineered

The desire to not overspend for premium underwear can sometimes be overlapped with scrunching and sagging or itchy-textured products from even big-name underwear manufacturers. Thus, our manufacturing process is centered around making our customers feel comfortable both in groin and mind.

Our products are the result of extensive testing of the textiles and fabrics currently being distributed in the market. We wanted to know what was hype, what was science, and how to make comfortable be both sexy and cheap. We can guarantee comfort for any products in our club because we cut through the bull and let our customers experience for themselves what an obsessively-engineered piece of fabric can feel like.