How So Affordable

Underwear craftsmanship isn’t the only thing the Comfortable Club is a teensy bit nerdy about: we’re equally obsessive about the process by which we get the underwear to you. You see, we're not your usual high-cost company. We're a bit different:

The thing that most people don’t realize is that most of the cost in that pair of designer underwear you see in stores has nothing to do with the underwear itself – it has to do with all of the costs associated with getting that product to you – costs like pricey advertising agencies, gigantic marketing budgets, expensive storefronts, and tons of hand shaking. At Comfortable Club, we’re taking a bit of a different approach to how we deliver our product.
We cut out all the middlemen and storefronts – the main sources of excess spending that companies typically suffer from. We source our own fabrics, contract our own sewers, and deliver the products ourselves. What results is a pricing scheme that blows designer brands out of the water.
Comfortable Club isn’t alone in rethinking the way logistics and overhead impact customers: there’s a whole class of companies like us that are harnessing innovative, 21st-century technology to streamline logistics and deliver great, premium-quality products directly to customers. These brands are part of a seismic shift in the way great product companies connect with customers, and at Comfortable Club, we’re thrilled to count ourselves among them.