Crafted with Care & Sustainability

When it comes to clothing, we believe comfort should come first. And whatever your outfit consists of, you are always wearing underwear (or at least you should be). The Comfortable Club exists for two purposes: to make nice, insanely-comfortable underwear and lounge apparel, and to provide them at an affordable price.

Like we said, we’re obsessed with comfort -- especially when it comes to what we wear underneath. And on that score, we were consistently disappointed by the options we saw in the market. Guys are being asked to choose between two equally unappealing options: on the one hand, there are the overpriced, over-marketed brands that disrespected our wallets. And on the other, there are the cheap, low-quality undies that disrespect our privates. And even so, the overpriced option isn’t all that comfortable.

Comfortable pairs of underwear are not a luxury, they’re a necessity. You should be willing to pay a little extra for nice underwear, but not a lot extra. Our underwear and lounge products are good-fitting and comfortable. There are some things you just shouldn’t skimp on, and underwear is one of those things.

(Un)Comfortable Origins

Believing that there was a market for affordable underwear that was a mix of high-tech, sexy, and comfortable, Comfortable Club launched in the summer of 2015 and crowdfunded over $142,000 for its first collection through a successful Kickstarter campaign, going on to ship over 15,000 pairs of boxer briefs in less than a month. The company then re-entered the space and raised $219,000 on a second Kickstarter collection.

The Bliss Underwear Collection from Comfortable Club

After receiving a wide range of feedback – from the color variety of our items to our allotted shipment timescale – we’ve gone through a number of prototypes that were redesigned, to not only adjust options for certain consumers, but to continually improve upon what is already top-of-the-line. Where most companies just care about having a marketable product, we give the unique promise of always providing the most perfect product possible, and the most engaging customer service you’ve ever experienced. 

Premium Comfort for All

Men and women alike want more comfortable underwear, and we’re here to satisfy that demand. If you’re going to wear underwear every day for the rest of your life, you may as well have the good stuff. Our underwear is made from modal fabric: a soft, smooth, and breathable fabric not dissimilar to silk, but with a much improved flexibility, durability, and mobility. 

Easy Shopping

We ship our product to anywhere in the world, and have an accommodating 60-day return policy. Our website has an effective sizing and fit section, so you can make sure you’re getting exactly what you need, because when it comes to underwear, size does matter. Your days of generic underwear are over. Improve your quality of life with underwear that will make you feel more comfortable than you thought possible, while still looking presentable pants-less.

Comfortably Sustainable

Unlike many companies, while we value a superior product, we also value the means in which we obtain our materials. We aim for both sustainable and eco-friendly methods of acquiring modal fabric from beechwood trees, and we only work with suppliers that are ethically responsible. To further pat ourselves on the back, it’s worth noting that because we have such a hands-on role in the acquisition and production of our products, we are able to cut out a few steps in the process of getting these superior garments to you. This allows us to cut both our undies’ costs and carbon footprint at the same time.