Harry's vs. Dollar Shave Club

Harry's vs. Dollar Shave Club

November 21, 2016



Although we specialize in comfortable underwear & lounge apparel, you can correctly assume that we're absolutely obsessed with comfort, and when it comes to your shaving routine, we refuse to settle for less. We want nothing but the best in terms of quality, convenience, and comfort, because no guy wants to be the victim of a painful shave or wait forever to get shaving supplies.  

Several shaving companies have stepped up to combat this issue, and perhaps the two most famous are Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club (DSC). Both services send shaving supplies to your mailbox at low prices. You’ll receive shipments either monthly (DSC) or at a frequency you specify (Harry’s).

Both of these companies offer a great deal for shavers, but we wanted to know which one was the absolute best. So we pitted Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club together in an all-out match to declare the winner once and for all.


Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club (DSC) offer similar plans in terms of gear, but they’re much different in terms of frequency. Harry’s asks you how many times per week you shave and sends out supplies based on that information. On the other hand, Dollar Shave Club sends a set amount per month (for example, 4 blades a month). So with DSC, you have to do the math.

Both companies offer similar shaving supplies as add-on items. They also both provide razor handles. But when it comes down to it, we prefer Harry’s for the straightforward shipping times and ease of ordering.

WINNER: Harry’s


When we ordered the equipment, we looked out for options we could personalize. We liked that Harry’s uses the frequency of your shaves per week as a guide. It was a no-brainer to calculate, and it meant that we’d get exactly what we need when we need it. Harry’s also provides a selection of razor handles for you to choose from.

Dollar Shave Club was less flexible due to their structure. They offer less personalized options, and while their pricing model is simple (see below), it also made us stop and think. How many shaves would 4 blades a month give us? How often do we go through blades? This made Dollar Shave Club much less intuitive, and Harry’s won for maximum customization.

WINNER: Harry’s


In terms of pricing, it’s somewhat tricky to declare a winner because of the way each service calculates how many supplies you’ll need. If you shave once per week or less and choose only blades, Harry’s will cost $3 a month for you. If you shave 5 to 7 days a week and choose to add on blades, gel, and an aftershave, that price catapults to $38.  (Harry’s also has free shipping!)

DSC provides less flexibility in terms of price, but their prices are dead simple. They have plans that cost $3, $6, and $9 per month. Depending on whether or not you order extras, you could spend anywhere from $3 to $19 a month.

This is a tougher match because the payment models serve different needs. If you buy other shaving supplies at your local stores, then DSC will give you cheap blades. However, if you want a super convenient, all-in-one solution, it’s Harry’s all the way. In the end, we settled on a tie in the price category.




Harry’s impressed us with their sleek design and packaging. It’s clear that a lot of effort went into producing all of the products. There’s no obnoxious branding here, only the subtle H’ logo.

The razor itself is a simple, minimal piece with a smooth handle and elegant appearance.

We’re also big fans of the razor stand.

Heck, even the razor stand packaging is superb.

Need to keep your razor dry? Enter the clamp-on razor head cover. It doesn’t add any bulk and helps your razors last longer.

The extras are top-notch, too. It’s a remarkable set that definitely deserves a place in your bathroom.

Dollar Shave Club:

From the first glance, you can tell that Harry’s and DSC have quite different design tastes. The DSC set looks like a collection of run-of-the-mill drugstore items. That doesn’t mean they’re badly designed--they’re not. It’s simply a difference of style. Harry’s is the classy gent while DSC is the blue-collar everyman.

The razor’s ribs and wide head attachment make it about 50% larger than it needs to be.

To us, the razor looks identical to any random razor you’d find in any store. It’s a sturdy, effective piece, but in terms of aesthetics, it falls flat.

However, we’re fans of the witty lines that are featured on the packaging.

The extras have more countertop appeal, but they also resemble standard drugstore supplies.

The DSC set is great, but it didn’t blow us out of the water like Harry’s did.

WINNER: Harry’s


Comfort is the number one priority in shaving. If you have a stylish razor that gives you horrible razor burn, there’s no point in using it! So when we tested Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club, we looked at comfort first and foremost. It was one of the big deciding factors for us in declaring an overall winner.


Harry’s gear not only looked amazing, but also gave spectacular results. The razor performs like a good razor should: it slides smoothly across the face and doesn’t irritate. It produces a noticeably clean feel that’s a hallmark of a nice shave.

On a functional level, Harry’s also stands out. It was a cinch to wash out the shaving cream in between strokes. The cream itself creates a nice lather on the face that makes shaving even more easy. When it comes to shaving with cartridge razors, Harry’s is one of the best we’ve tried.

Dollar Shave Club:

From the beginning of the shave, DSC’s workhorse gear was quite different from Harry’s. The DSC razor didn’t tug or irritate, and it did the job. It didn’t glide as smoothly as the Harry’s razor did, but it was by no means a bad or uncomfortableshave. It was a good middle-of-the-road shave. However, since Harry’s had spoiled us, we found it hard to go back.

We found that the DSC razor had a tendency to hide shaving cream in its nooks and crannies. We’d later find the cream dried and hardened, and it took some trial and error to get it out. The design of the razor makes it difficult to get all of the cream out effectively, so if you’re pressed for time, you’ll likely find some dried cream the next day.

WINNER: Harry’s

And the winner is…

Harry’s! From the moment we laid eyes on the packaging to the last stroke of the razor, Harry’s was the clear-cut (pun intended) winner. The razor is effortless to use, and the products yield wonderful results. We liked Dollar Shave Club, but we loved Harry’s.

If you’re not ready to use a safety razor and want to automate the process of getting shaving supplies, Harry’s is the best option.

Do you love Harry’s as much as we do? Or do you prefer Dollar Shave Club? Tell us in the comments! Also, feel free to check out our round of amazing underwear and lounge apparel here.


Roy Quesadq

Roy Quesadq said:

I’ve recently joined DSC about 2 months ago. Fairly satisfied with the shave as I use a brush to apply my shave cream. However, after reading your article I’m going to try Harrys. Thanks for the information

Kelly Carson

Kelly Carson said:

WOW, I first read your path to razor experience,most just deal with it , you freaking go out and buy a razor factory, what a trip, i have been in a realationship for long time and it was just last week that I had read your journey, and said I am trying this guys stuff, but didn’t act on it, then I come home and my gal has one sitting on the kitchen counter, she can read my freamking mind, so I jumped in shower and ripped away, the only thing is no ripping needed, best,and I mean the best shave EVER, not to mention the handle had such a cool feel, then put in the fact it came with great shave cream for what it does and fragrance, I have used every type shaver and no doubt about it hands down this flat rips, I have never written anyone in my time on earth good or bad, but the way all this came to gather wanted you to know , I think this product should be in every male female on the planet, if you are interested I am all in in helping, think of all the travelers NBA, NFL,! Hockey, Baseball, then all the travelers every day flying all over this place, get Xgames behind it, it’s hip, you can make it more than a razor,make iconic, like Red Bull of razors,you can do it, the product owesom

Robert Kstz

Robert Kstz said:

I have been using Gillete pro fusion power for I can’t remember how many years and shave daily some times twice daily and instead of replacing the razor head weekly go two to three weeks sometimes without change until it’s really so dull and takes twice or three times as long to shave now they came out with a new product that supposedly lasts up to a month and I bought a trial package handle to short and to blades horrible it cut and knicked me . I have been looking for an alternative especialy as the Gillete razors pro fusion power are extremely expensive great shave when their new but they dull up pretty fast . I have been researching D.SC. And Harry’s and have not pulled the handle on either but after reading your comparison and even though the top of the line D.SC. Seemed closest in design to the gilletes I think I will give the Harry’s a chance . Thank you for doing the comparison will write in after trying the Harry’s and give my feedback.
Robert Katz

Bob lavrakas

Bob lavrakas said:

I joined Dsc two weeks ago.my order got hung up at a post office and I won’t be getting it until next Wednesday .seriously,two weeks to receive my first order!! I don’t know why in so frustrated.i live in a town where mediocrity the norm and I guess I’m very tired of it.if the shave doesn’t blow me out of the water, I’ll switch to Harry’s.


Ben said:

My only concern with Harry’s is the is no single blade on the back for close trimming around the nose area. DSC has this. I like everything else about Harry’s but not sure if it will provide the closeness I need.


Dan said:

Switched to Harry’s 3 months ago and am very satisfied. My wife has even changed to Harry’s.

Steven Bennett

Steven Bennett said:

Got the shave package for my birthday and my first shave was superb! I felt like a king getting the royal treatment. …. what a difference! I’m definitely telling all my friends to try this awesome product, and all this cuz of 1 shave. I’m excited to shave again…. I have thick course hair and I got a super close shave and it is affordable. Good job Henry’s

Mike P.

Mike P. said:

I tried DSC for several months now and really wanted to love it. But I couldn’t. Three fundamental complaints.

1) The handle. It feels great dry but get a little dampness on my hand or a little shave cream (especially the DSC shave butter) and I could barely hold on to the damn thing. It’s just a strange material that is really user unfriendly.

2) I’ve never experienced a device that is so weak. Probably 50% of the blades I used broke (yep, I really mean broke… Became unusable… Had pieces break off) within 3 shaves. This was highly frustrating and disappointing.

3) The shave was inconsistent and not really good. I constantly found it hard to get the “rough spots” anywhere near close.

So I tried Harry’s lades a couple weeks ago… What a difference! The results don’t compare and I’m now getting a close comfortable shave fast and easily. And consistently. The blades are durable, the handle is comfortable and easy to bold on to. I can’t say enough good things about these blades and this shaving system. It is awesome… And I’m hooked!!


Don said:

Both of these products came along roughly the same time, and it was also at a time that I was fed up with the shaving experience that a person goes through, whether it is every day, or sporadic grooming. So after checking out literature on both products, it was time to put them to the test. Lets just say your article is spot on, it covers everything that needs to be covered, and is fair in how it goes about coming to a conclusion.

I tried not to let the inferior look of the DSC deduct from rating their product. Even though Harrys is hands down more appealing in appearance, I was willing to let that go on by if the DSC won out with their product in its performance. But in every category Harrys won, except for the pricing, they are both very close in pricing. So that being the only category that is a possible tie to be fair, it just goes to show you how great a deal Harrys is. In both appearance, and performance.

Nick Pallatta

Nick Pallatta said:

I have been using DSC for a year or more now. I shave my head only and not my face and their 5 blade razor does a superb job. I am hesitant to change blades until I get a review or two from head shavers like myself. To me it’s about quality of shave first..price second. I could care less what it looks like in my cabinet.


QARunner said:

I really wanted to love Harry’s and almost did, except for one reason. Unfortunately, it was the big one that counted – quality of the shave. Harry’s razors do not pivot well. This means that you need to carefully hold the razor handle at a shallow angle to your face in order to keep the blade in contact with your beard. If you contrast this to a Gillette Fusion razor, the Gillette pivots very easily, allowing you to vary the handle angle by a lot while keeping the blade in contact with your beard. As a result, the quality of the shave is not as good with Harry’s.

Harry’s uses the elasticity of a thin piece of plastic to provide the pivoting action. This is clearly inferior to the technology Gillette uses. Improve the pivoting on Harry’s razor and you have a winner! I don’t understand why they haven’t.


ICantBeBothered said:

I figured I would chime in since I’ve used both products. I began with Harry’s razors. I was impressed with the amount of product included in the initial kit. The shave foam/gel, the blades and the razor handle was a great deal for $10 (I had a $5 coupon). The shave was fine, nothing mind blowing, but it did the job. I quickly came across a problem which became too tedious for me to deal with. The blades on Harry’s razors are ‘arched’ or ‘angled’, however you want to look at it. Because of this, they clog up very quickly. I found it very difficult to clear this out. I have a long history with Gillette (Mach3 and Fusion), and NONE of the methods I used to clear clogs would work on Harry’s blades. The only thing that would work for me was to take something thin (like a business card) and force it between the blades to push the debris out. For me, this was a necessary process each time I shaved. I emailed Harry’s and they were nice enough to give me suggestions on how to prevent or easily rectify this. I had tried all but one of their suggestions. The only one I hadn’t tried was ‘taking shorter shave strokes’. I feel I gave this an honest effort, but it didn’t make any difference for me. Maybe I still didn’t take short enough passes. I eventually decided Harry’s wasn’t for me. I’ve been shaving with a blade for 10+ years, and to me, it’s not worth it to change my shaving style so drastically to make Harry’s work for me.

I recently decided to give Dollar Shave Club a try. Similar model as Harry’s, but more options. I opted for the ‘Humble Twin’ to start with, their cheapest model. It arrived in a small brown box fairly quickly after I ordered (cost $3). This came with a shave butter sample and (5) double blade cartridges. The handle is inexpensive, and very light weight, but that’s what I paid for. I’ve only used it for two days so far, but I have to say I’m actually super impressed! No clogging whatsoever and I’m getting a nice smooth shave with minimal cuts. Another cool thing that I found with DSC is their referral system. For each person you sign up, you get a $5 credit towards any of their stuff.

Harry’s makes some good quality stuff, but it just wasn’t right for me. DSC seems to be a better fit for my style. I had some reservations with going for the ‘Humble Twin’ system, but so far I have no complaints and I’m sticking with it. If you found my input helpful in deciding to go for DSC I’d love it if you would use my referral url to sign up. You’ll get some decent razors either way, but it would help me out for sure. http://shaved.by/dKUQJ. Thanks!


Mick said:

I’ve used both and still use Harry’s. I’ve even used Gillette’s expensive razors and both razors beat the mach 3 series that Gillette seems to be so proud of. Gillette’s razors rust and are way too expensive. Harry’s also has my favorite shaving cream. The smell is akin to old spice but a bit more mellow.

marc shields

marc shields said:

I have been using gilette fusion for years and besides the price its a great product. Even at its dullest its never cut me. A few months ago decided to give DSC a try. Picked their top of the line multi blade since it was closest to what i had. 2 blades in and i canceled my subscription. Worst shave ever including cheap single blades from CVS. Neck was cut raw and failed to give a close smooth shave. They shave butter was a joke. Had to use 3 times as much compared to my nivea shave cream to get a good coating. O would avoid DSC like the plague. I might give Harrys a try when im close to running out of my current gillette pack. Got a good deal on a dozen on amazon with a 10 dollar off coupon.


jBELL said:

I’ve used both DSC and Harry’s. I used DSC first and switched to H’s after my office mate started using it. I liked the look of H’s but I quickly felt a big difference. I shave in the shower, which means I leave my razor in there too (out of the way of any water). I could use DSC for almost 2 weeks with no problems (shaving every 3-4 days) but with H’s I can’t leave it in the shower cause the blades rust after 2 uses. Plus the foam of H’s makes it feel like a 3 week old razor on my face even with a brand new razor. I use my wife’s hair condition to shave now instead of the foam. I’ll def be switching back to DSC.

Vince M.

Vince M. said:

I’ve tried both Harry’s and DSC. I started with DSC four blade set, and didn’t like it at all. The first shave felt like I was shaving with a blade that had been used 15 times. I next tried the DSC six blade set, and I am very impressed. Great shave. My only problem with DSC is that they only give you two options for your plan. You receive blades every month or every other month. You can also suspend your orders for up to three months, but when I tried to activate this option on their website, I couldn’t do it without help. Harrys is a far superior product and they have a much better shave plan. My complaint with Harrys is they only offer one blade option. Also the blade will clog easy if you don’t rinse often. That said, I have no problem with clogging if I rinse more often. Overall if I had to choose one or the other I would choose Harrys because or their overall superior quality.

Elliott Hart

Elliott Hart said:

I’ve been using DSC blades for about 9 months with no complaints. I shave once a week head and face; so I only use a blade once and then discard. I started with the 3 blade model it was ok; but not as comfortable as I wanted so I switched to the 6 blade . The 6 blade is better but I’m slightly on the fence and want to give Harry’s a shot. I currently used Gillette fusion shaving cream. The DSC 6 blade sometimes nicks me if I stroke to fast. I found these review very helpful not sure what side of fence I may fall on.

Sam M

Sam M said:

Wow…way to tilt the favoritism to one side…while Harry’s looks pretty snazzy, I was not impressed with it at all…weird angle for holding the razor…tilt functionality nowhere near the DSC. After Harry’s, I went to the DSC and figured…oh well…this looks cheap and may not be worth even trying…might as well go back to the expensive (but functional) Gillette system I was used to.

Boy was I surprised! DSC (I’m using the middle option) works great and I opted for the ‘once every other month’ shipping since a blade lasts me more than one week since my knuckles don’t drag the ground. Maybe if I had an extremely heavy beard I might run through blades faster, but this still is a great deal. I like the handle (for the middle option) because of it’s weight and gripability (I don’t know what that one guy was talking about) when wet or having shaving cream on it.

Also, the customer service at DSC can’t be beat. I went on a trip and afterwards the ejector on my handle broke somehow (I’ve had it at least a year) and when I mentioned it to them in an email, they said, “No problem…we’ll send you another one…FREE”….thank you DSC for going above and beyond the norm…in fact, I just now referred another friend to them.

So…needless to say (above kudos are obvious) I choose the DSC over Harry’s hands down.

Sandy Malone

Sandy Malone said:

I love DSC. I have handles for myself, my husband and our teenage daughter. We use the middle razor. Works great for men and women both! I like the “bulkier” handle as a woman. I need a better hold to shave my legs. Slips=cuts!


Christina said:

Female review: I’ve been using DSC’s 4x for 2 years to mow every conceivable body part (except my skull) and have zero complaints. I keep my razor in the shower and have had no rusty blade issues. I also tend to drop the damn thing constantly yet the same handle has yet to fracture. DSC blades successfully eradicate all peach fuzzies from my most delicate crevices and their post-shave cream keeps unsightly bumps and rashes at bay. I’m smooth as a seal and slippery as a fox.

John Z

John Z said:

I tried Harry’s on a whim. I was looking for a comfortable shave yet not overly costly. I tried Harry’s and I never looked back. I shave about every other day and I have a thick beard however Harry’s shave cream and razor combination gave me the best shave I’ve ever had. No more nicks or cuts. It’s great…..

Thanks Harry’s


CSM said:

I’ve been using Harry’s for a little over a year and couldn’t be happier with the products. I shave infrequently (when ever my wife says something like "are you going to shave pretty soon?) so I’m not on a plan I prefer to order when I see my supplies running low, I mean free shipping. I’ve used just about all there shaving products … and have settled on the shave gel, post shave conditioner, razor stand and I have 3 handles (they keep giving me free ones but I really like the “Winston”. They have a new razor with a trimmer on top to get under your nose and side burns. I hope they don’t sell out to corporate America like the Dollar Shave Club did because I don’t think I’ll ever be able to find a replacement for H’s. They are great!


Ken said:

I’m I to D.SC. now for about 8 months. Had a razor ejector break but D.SC. sent me a new one fast and free. Great customer service there. The razor handle for me is ergonomically perfect. Slight curve at the end helps me shave upward without losing control of the handle. No other handle out there like it. I use the 4x blades and try to get 10 shaves out of each. However, with use of D.SC. shave butter I’m probably getting average 12 -14 shaves per cartridge. Shave butter a great experience for more comfortable shaving and , with no foam, you can see what you are doing. With 12 shave average I’ve never felt like I’m dragging a clam shell over my face. End result is a smooth enough face and neck for me. I have invested $6 bucks in a product called “blade buddy” that purports to realign microscopically bent blades to normal position for more comfortable shaving . It doesn’t sharpen the blades, but properly aligns blades for extended use. Am shooting for comfortable 14 days use per cartridge and then change to a new one whether old one feels like it may need tossing out or not! I am not unhappy with D.SC. . Customer service, reliability, and products well worth throwing expensive Gillette products under the bus!

Blair Jess

Blair Jess said:

I subscribed to Harry’s a few months ago on my brother’s recommendation.I was a Gillette user but I was cutting myself alot even with the fusion and their best. I love the Harry’s razor and can shave as roughly as I like and I have never cut myself.I have looked at DSC but from all angles and reports even though a friend thinks DSC is great,from my fiquring I think DSC is more costly than Harry’s over all.


Stephen said:

I have been using DSC for a few years. I use the $3 monthly version for my head and old style (1960s) safety single blade razor for my face. I am happy with DSC but have comsidered trying that tough blade I see advertised. Shaving daily is my habit so it isn’t so important to be perfect. I am no longer in the military.

Tom C.

Tom C. said:

I’ve never tried dollar shave club, why would I? I am impressed and in love with the Harry’s shave. Congratulations on offering a superb product, convenience, and a great price! A+

Brendan Howley

Brendan Howley said:

Started out with DSC after that brilliant ad. Couldn’t resist. Daily shaver: solid results. Then my daughter, a designer at Facebook, gave me the Harry’s kit for Xmas two years ago, based on recco from her designer peers at work. Well, if you love design, you’ll love Harry’s—and for me, the Harry’s shaves are clearly better than DSC 4. I haven’t tried the 6 but the Harry’s blades live up to the ‘made in our own German factory’ hype. I have three Harry’s now—one for home (the steel top of the line) and two of the orange epoxy econo model, one each for the gym and the road. I just gave my 17 year-old son my original Harry’s handle and a month’s supply of blades. He loves the thing. I don’t have a heavy beard so I get a month’s worth of shaving out of a single blade. Beats the hell out of Gillette on cost. BTW I swear by Arbonne microscrub, shave gel and aftershave balm. Vegan (I’m a carnivore but vegan goes to ingredient purity), organic, super-rich stuff. Best I’ve used. Out.

Chris C

Chris C said:

I’m subscribed to both plans as I have three shavers at home. My teenage son and wife like DSC for the closer shave of the 6-blade exec. I only shave once a week and prefer the Harry’s. It handles my full stuble beard effortlessly without tearing my face up. I like the Harry’s pricing and scheduling options better.


Chuck said:

I just ordered the Harry’s top of the line razor and stand. Upon receiving the next day I received an email from Harry’s that stated their razors are not to be used for shaving heads and hopefully one day the will make one for heads. Harry’s is strictly for your face. They will refund my money in full.

James Briscoe

James Briscoe said:

I’m DSC all the way. I use the 6 blade. I thought it was a great idea from the get go. I’ve not been disappointed. I use the after shave, and after ordering the shave butter , Yes!!!!! my Wife shave’s her legs with the 6 blade as well. I got her own. she love it. I get them ever other month. no more Gillette for me! DSC baby!!!!


Leo said:

Used Harry’’s blades for a year, they were great. A new ones last for three days. Tried DSC – one blade works for 10 days and longer! That is my choice.

H Herdklotz

H Herdklotz said:

I tried both Harry’s and what is now called ShaveMOB. I like the feel and quality of Harry’s razors better and the shave cream is also a good one. I would only recommend testing to be declared hypo allergenic but even if not I found it great!!

Staying with Harry’s from here till ….

H Herdklotz


Frankie said:

Harry’s is the best shave for the money period, thank you for the product and honesty Dortch or not dam good product, I appreciate your honest distribution to the USA

khalil mohammed

khalil mohammed said:

I want to buy harry blades but does not exist in the Jordanian market

Thank you

Sam Sicurella

Sam Sicurella said:

I have been using Harry’s for a couple of weeks now and have no complaints other than the prices they charge are in US $ so not as great a deal as it looks at first glance. I just ordered the DSC 6 blade package which is in Can $. We shall see if it is as good as Harry’s.

Robert Langford

Robert Langford said:

I do not want anything by a name called Harry’s.
DSC has been very good for me and I am faithful to what works.

Mike G.

Mike G. said:

Shave daily in the shower after softening my beard……..Harry’s blades last a good 6 – 8 weeks each……hard to wear them down!! Highly satisfied with the product and the performance but especially the price!! Can’t beat Harrys.

Steve Griffith

Steve Griffith said:

I chose Harry’so, and purchased the $40 set. That includes the fancier handle, 3 five blade razors, shaved gel, travel cover, and 3 letter engraving, for $15 of the $40. Total cost was $43.50, to get it to me.
I am a 53 year old male. I shave my head and beard, every other day. I don’t shave my mustache. I’ve been told, that I have a nice shaped head. I mention that, only to point out, that have an easy head to shave, with no moles or scars to watch out for.
Harry’s asks, if you shave your head. I checked that I do. I opened my shave kit, and read the instructions/suggestions. They read, if you shave your head, contact us, and we will suggest a different type of razor…. Really ?!!!
I pulled the Mach 3 razor out, thinking I might shave my head with that.
I decided to use the Harry’s 5 blade, on my head and face. I was careful, and shaved lightly. I didn’t nick myself, and the shave quality was good. If you have used a 3 blade, and a 5 blade, you know the difference. A five blade on the round surface of head, will have a larger surface of razors, to potentially nick your head. More so, if you have bumps or moles.
I am happy with my purchase. Harry’s razors are right up there with the big boys. When I go to purchase replacement blades, I won’t have take a second mortgage out on my house.


Tony said:

I’ve been using DSC for about a year, I shave once daily but found that if I wipe off the blade after using it, it lasts pretty well for about 5-7 weeks. The only downside is the handle is ribbed and gets grimy after a few weeks. I usually have to soak it to clean it off.
I do like their other products such as the sunscreen, shave butter, shower gel and such. I actually prefer the other products to the blades now.
I tried Harry’s beforehand and just didn’t like the frequency of the blades – much too expensive with the pricing and subscription timing structure. They need some more options on less frequency as their much too pushy on sending as many as possible within a short amount of time. That doesn’t work for me.

As for atheistic, I honestly don’t care what they look like in my cabinet. As long as they work well and last.

Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller said:

Reviews seem to run about 4-1 in favor of Harry’s over DSC in two different sets of reviews. I just ordered a custom subscription to Harry’s. They have added the trimmer to the blade cartridge and the additional space between the blades should help with clogging.

Really hope this works as I am fed up with the cost of replacing Gillette Fusion blades!

Christine Trudelle

Christine Trudelle said:

I bought DSC when they first came out for my husband and about 3 months later I started using the razors. I love DSC we don’t care about the fancier look we tested it for results and shaving my husband’s head . All we have tried DSC has always come through. One fault I do find is their razor hands break easily. But, DSC sent me a new one twice already with no charge or shipping fee. The price is great and always get them right before we need new ones on razor supplies. My husband Luvs the shave butter for the summer when he shaves for his golden tan . I would only spend time on Harry’s if they would send the set as a free trial with free shipping. So, if I don’t like it I can give it away or discard it. Sorry , but We are very happy with DSC. Good Luck Harry’s

Clifton B.

Clifton B. said:

I am a DSC customer and a head shaver. I like the six blade razor from DSC but I am not real happy with the bulkiness of the cartridges. The cartridges make it difficult to get to the hairline behind the ear. Not that great in close quarters.

Eric Schm

Eric Schm said:

I switched from Harrys to the DSC and love my razor from DSC.

No regrets here. Very happy with my purchase.

David K

David K said:

I’ve used DSC for several years now and no complaints! I started with the 6 blade option which gave me the absolute best shave I’ve ever experienced. I switched to the 4 blade option only because shaving under my nose with the 6 was just a little too tricky. I have to say the 4 blade option is excellent. They also have a great selection of other products, whether its shave oil, shave lather and butter, post shave cream etc. I’ve recently started using their cleanser and hair products – I basically get my entire bathroom shipped from them, and couldn’t be happier!

I’ve not tried Harrys, I’m sure they’re great too but I’m sticking with DSC for now


Kirk said:

Nice packaging, great shave cream, but Harry’s razor will cut you, they need to study a razor that does not and copy it. Every time I shave it either burns me or cuts me, and I’ve been shaving for 40 years.

Carmine F. Cupani

Carmine F. Cupani said:

Prediction. DSC survives. Harry’s doesn’t. Classy design? DSC has more class. Like a barber shop look. The CEO is also awesome. I think Harry is trying to hard. DSC wins every category hands down.

Frank P

Frank P said:

I tried Dollar Shave Club — its best razor, and was not satisfied with the comfort of the shave, sharpness of the razor. I shave daily. While using the Shave Butter provided improved comfort, overall the razors perhaps are not sharp enough so you feel the pulling of the hair. I cancelled after one month.

I just signed up for Harry’s to try it out before going back to Gillette and spending the small fortune on every blade.


benny said:

Been with the DSC for a while now. and im not impressed. i feel like i have to shave more often now than with the ones i used to get at the store.. I will try out harrys! thank you.

Mark Goodson

Mark Goodson said:

Everybody’s forgetting the most important part about shaving. Most shaving lotion’s have a thick ladder that makes it difficult for the razor to give you a close shave. With Zipp Mist you spray a light mist on your face and the chemical composition allows your razor to glide over your face. Zipp Mist Will give you a close comfortable shave with no irritation to your skin. So to get the very best shave it is more important to have a good shaving lotion. The razor blade only place a small part in the quality of your shave.

Dave said:

First tried DSC a few years ago. Prices were great, but could only get 4 shaves or so from each blade (4 blade head), so ultimately cancelled. Again tired of paying outrageous prices for Gillette or Schick blades so went to DSC again – now they have a 5 blade razor with trimmer blade. Ordered and it arrived in 5 days. Much better shave. At the same time I also ordered from Harry’s – that was two weeks ago and the razor handle and blades still not here. Of course had to join a shave plan, so the next pack of blades ships within a week and have not even received the trial package. Unless Harry’s is far superior, I’ll cancel. Customer service matters also.

Anna Wierschem

Anna Wierschem said:

I absolutely disagree with your assessment. Both my husband and I tried both and as far as prices DSC wins hands down. My husband shaves every day so Harry’s would cost us way more. I also use their blades for my shaving needs. So our monthly subscription is perfect for us. We found the shave butter and blades from DSC superior to Harry’s products. Skin is smoother and less irritated. DSC handles are also more comfortable. we have been using DSC since 2012. Best decision made as far as shaving supplies are concerned. Friend talked us into ordering from Harry’s. We tried for a couple of months and weren’t really impressed. We never discontinued DSC and were happy to go back to using them.

michael e davis

michael e davis said:

Is there a legal or business connection between you and Harry’s? BTW, I’ve had to shave since 12 years of age and tried everything. Nothing shaves like Gillette. In my experience (I’m 68), the best is never inexpensive. That fact makes DSC, Harry’s and the like immediately suspect. Of course, if one is like my son or son-in-law, each of whom could shave with a butter knife, any blade will seem effective, so shopping price makes sense.
Moreover, I’m less than impressed with a “free” trial wherein one must pay anything (When did “free” change in the dictionary?) and then be proactive to discontinue. If one is dead sure of one’s product, “free” should be totally free and the customer should have to act to continue, not stop, the service. Otherwise, it’s just a game wherein the hope is that the new customer will fail to stop the service. No, thanks.


Nate said:

I have been using DSC for years because I shave my head fairly often. I have also experimented with Harry’s. Don’t get me wrong Harry’s got the job done and it definately the better option for those who don’t shave their heads. But DSC razors I found to last longer and because of their bulky design caused me to cut myself less than Harry’s

So I guess what I’m saying, it depends on what you shave and how often. If you have thin hair or don’t shave very often then go with Harry’s but if you shave a lot or have thick hair like I do, the DSC all the way!

And I get you feel that Harry’s pricing is more unique and straight forward but most men know how often they shave. DSC gives you the option to skip your next box. So the pricing for DSC is extremely simple and makes more sense to me.

William Kushner

William Kushner said:

Tried DSC for about a year, was ok, could careless about packaging as long as product is good!
My wife was always commenting how I missed a little bit under my nose, Hopefully my trial of Harrys will work out better, Plus you get a blade protector and a stand!. We’ll see.

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